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Picnic with the caregivers

Last month the care givers from Koinonia Orphans Project organised a picnic, with a team building activities. After the blessing of Fr Michael, thirty caregivers and three staff members embarked on a long challenging walk to the mountain with a cross. For many of them it was quite unusual to walk such a distance for fun, generally, they walk with the aim of reaching a destination or to fetch water from the stream, or to fetch some wood.

During this activity they shared their stories and interspersed with laughter among themselves.

This refreshing experience brought a young feeling and allow them as well to forget about their daily home problems and worries.

After the fatigue of climbing the mountain, they saw the saving cross which symbolises the reaching their destination. As a natural gesture of thanksgiving, their hearts brought up spontaneously

and they started singing and praying.

The main point of the picnic was to grow in friendship through games and to strengthen the team. This also gave an opportunity of sharing deeper personal experiences between two people. For many of them it was the first time to open up and speak freely about their personal life to each other. They also expressed their desire to continue with these kinds of events every month if possible.

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