Upon this rock, I will build my Church

Dear friends, A few days ago, our Risen Lord gathered Pastors and Priors of Koinonia John the Baptist, for a meeting in Rome. Our initial plans were to meet elsewhere, but He chose this city! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, it had been two years since we were all together. It was a truly special time for all of us; to share, plan and rejoice in the Lord. The visit to the tomb of St Peter is one beautiful experience that I want to expand on. We entered the Vatican Necropolis that lies about 5 to 12 meters, beneath Saint’s Peter Basilica in the Vatican City. As we walked underground between the graves of the Roman families from the first two centuries after Christ, we refreshed our knowledge about Roman attire and burial traditions. I will not go into detail regarding the historical and archaeological aspects, as my focus is the beautiful experience we had when we arrived at the place where the bones of St. Peter are resting. A special, indescribable emotion and the Presence of our Lord touched our hearts. We could hear the voice of our Lord Jesus who said: “And so I say to you; you are Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.” (Mt 16:18). Right there next to St. Peter and Fr. Ricardo our Founder, I prayed fervently for unity in the Church. The Catholic Church alone can trace the origin of Her authority across nearly 2000 years and over 260 successive men to Simon Bar Jona, the man renamed by Christ as “Peter". The Pope, the visible head of the Church on earth is the sacrament of Christ – the invisible Head.  One head! One Body! One faith; because Christ is one. We prayed for unity that begins in our families, Houses of Prayer, Agapitos, local Koinonia communities, parishes and dioceses and between churches. In a special way we prayed for Koinonia people; that the prophecy of Camparmò be fulfilled and we become “a sign of unity, holiness and glory"!


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