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The Koinonia wants to be a community of friends and the favorable environment where this is realized are the Family Communities.

The Family Community is a small community of alliance formed by members grouped by territory, living in their own homes and participating in the activities of the Koinonia.

Each community is made up of people and families from the same area who meet once a month in a private house to praise, share the Word of God, intercede for needs and then eat together creating fraternal bonds. These meetings are called "Agapito" because the intent is for the member to feel loved and welcomed. The meetings are reserved for registered and committed members so that we can truly grow in relationships and also open our hearts to our brothers.

This leads us to think of the early domestic church. We believe the Holy Spirit is bringing faith back into the family so that the family returns to the church again.

At the moment in Pretoria there is one family community.

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