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Our community was born of p. Ricardo and a small group of young people called to live virginity for the Kingdom of Heaven together in the remote village of Camparmò, in the north of Italy, 900 meters high. In that stupendous but inhospitable place, lacking water, light and telephone, they let themselves be forged by the Lord through prayer, work and intense community life and friendship.

The love for Jesus and the bond with the brothers were the two poles of the spirituality of each day marked by two hours of personal prayer, the liturgy of the hours, the study, the fasting and the work that then included the breeding of livestock and milk processing. To all this was added the welcome of people for prayer and evangelization. This life is a call to live together as consecrated brothers and sisters, in friendship under the guidance of a Pastor, under a directory, under a discipline. Clearly consecrated persons, brothers and sisters, live in distinct areas where personal places of life are respected as a seclusion.

At a distance of almost 40 years, today we have more than 250 consecrated persons who live the same spirituality of that time while adapting to new situations in different parts of the world.

What characterises this spirituality? The intense moments of prayer that mark the day: two hours of personal prayer, the liturgy of the hours and community prayer; despite the brothers and sisters living in strictly different places, moments like meals and work determine precious moments of friendship and sharing within the community life. The pastor of the Oasis seeks unity with the brothers in reciprocal obedience, in co-responsibility, in dialogue, in true freedom and in the availability of true friendship.

In the weekend, most of the time the community is involved in the numerous evangelization activities, so Monday is fully dedicated to the community. The purpose of the day is naturally to be together in friendship.

Due to the fact that the Community is present all over the world and often with new realities, it is sometimes subject to changes in people and therefore moves from one oasis to another, to help the communities themselves and the new missions.

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