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Our Structure

Koinonia John the Baptist is structured as a federation, which unifies the various individual Koinonia communities spread throughout the world. Together each individual community forms the Federation of Koinonia John the Baptist.


Each individual Koinonia is structured with a community of life and a covenant community. Together they form an Oasis. 


The Oasis is characterised by the presence of a community of consecrated life of both men and women, as well as different covenant communities of lay people. The relationship and unity between these give life to a Reality. Each Oasis is led by a consecrated brother or sister, who is given the title of pastor.


Within each Oasis the following structures exist: ‘houses of prayer’, ‘familial communities’, communities of life for families, and a community of consecrated life of both brothers and sisters. 


The House of Prayer is that foundational cell for all the activities of the community. It takes place on a weekly basis in a member’s own home. The House of Prayer encourages evangelisation meetings in small groups, and is directed at those who are distant from the faith.


The Familial Community is a small covenant community formed by members grouped together in a given area or region. While each member lives in their own home, they participate in the activities and service in the local Koinonia to which they belong. They gather together once a month in gatherings known as Agapitos.


Communities of Life for families bring families together that desire to live closely together in a more intense community life. 


Communities of Consecrated Life bring together brothers and sisters that each profess the Evangelical Counsels of chastity, poverty and docility. All possessions are shared in common, and the brothers and sisters live an intensely communitarian climate.

Structure Koinonia
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