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I finally felt like I was home.

So I joined this community during a very difficult time in my life. The Lord pulled me out of a dark place and my life really changed in 20I5. I had been searching for a deeper experience of Jesus for 15 years! The day I was drawn into the community was after a healing mass at St. Theresa's church. I was now so full of enthusiasm and wanted to be wherever the Koinonia community was. I finally felt like I was home. I had both my Catholic faith and the spirituality I enjoyed in one community, a place where I was free to love the Lord in a way I had come to love- in a Spirit-filled way with joy. I have never stopped, the journey has been one big learning experience and a deepening of my love for the word and of course for Jesus. My desire for more of the Holy Spirit and more of Jesus never stops. Koinonia John the Baptist has been such a joy in my life and strong support for myself and my family. The community has really taught me a lot and given me so much formation in the word, in teaching me how to pray but most of all a deeper relationship with the Lord. I have passed through many difficulties but have come through with my Koinonia family. Koinonia is how I imagined the first Christian's living and loving in community. A true experience of brotherly and sisterly love. I have made many new friends and as new members join I look forward to getting to know them all better too. Although we are far apart, when we are together it's always a joy and it feels good to be working together with a purpose in the Kingdom of God. Working for Jesus with Love and Joy - Koinonia style!


“If Jesus is not the Lord of all, He is not Lord at all”

Being a member of Koinonia John the Baptist is a gift from the Lord and I cherish every moment that the Lord has given me. Church gatherings and services have been closed because of Covid 19 pandemic and so meeting my brother and sister has been an amazing experience. Praising the Lord together is an expression of love, adoration and thanksgiving. It is also an expression of humbling ourselves and centering our attention upon the Lord with a heartfelt zeal and enthusiasm. The wonderful teaching I received from Bro. Michele has reminded and touched my heart in an extra ordinary way. He emphasised the fact that we cannot refer to the Lord Jesus only as the saviour, but rather as the Lord and saviour of our lives. This simple yet powerful quote found a special place in my heart: “If Jesus is not the Lord of all, He is not Lord at all”. This simply means that if I do not allow the Lordship of Jesus Christ to reign in every aspect of our lives then I have a big problem. It also means that I need to put my trust in Him in every area of my life. I can do this through my personal prayer which is one of the best platforms amongst others of building a strong personal relationship with Jesus.


The appointment of two coordinators, one for the Umzimkhulu area and the other one for Lourdes Mission and surrounding areas touched me in a profound way. I appreciate and acknowledge this appointment and I completely trust in the Lord for his guidance and also wisdom that He will provide and pour in their heart the ability to lead with diligence. I also commend them for allowing the Lord to use them. The healing service by Fr Michal also gave me strength emotionally and physically and I am definitely sure that it has touched a lot of people.


In conclusion, I would like to thank every member of the Community for walking with me in this journey.

Thank you for receiving me!

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All I have is Jesus

Christ is risen! We never know when the Lord is sending someone to us just so we can tell them about Jesus. I would like to share an experience I had on the 11th January this year. My son phoned me one night and asked if I would be willing to lend my wheelchair to  a friend. I knew the man very well as we had grown up together. To be honest my initial reaction was one of irritation as it meant unpacking the shed and giving the chair a good wash.  The man arrived as I was wiping it down so I took it to the gate and greeted him. My husband wasn’t home at that time and if he had been, he probably would have been the one to do the handover.  So this man and I talked for a very long time and I kept speaking about Jesus and what he had done in my life. I said "Look at me, all this is only Jesus. I have given my life to the Lord." He kept trying to change the subject and when it was time to go I said goodbye but something inside of me just kept saying “Go tell him about Jesus’. So I called out to him, saying "Before you go, I want to tell you something..." and I just started telling him how Jesus loves him, how he died for him and defeated death just for him, that his name is written in heaven in gold. It was a God moment! He cried, we hugged and we prayed right there on the road. He told me how he was actually on his way to someone else for a wheelchair but met my son and came there rather.  I just told him “This is Jesus! He ordained this moment”. Thank you Jesus!

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