Bro. Emmanuel

I am yours forever!

Christ is Risen! On Saturday morning I had the feeling that something was trying to disturb me. I was preparing to give my life to Jesus forever so I was expecting some resistance but after personal prayer, I felt ready. When we started praise and worship together I felt so much lighter and joyful and I felt the Lord's presence. Fr Michal and Nesbert prepared us with a series of teachings and I could see everyone was ready for the Holy Spirit. Fr Michal himself was being moved by the Holy Spirit and was getting everyone on their feet. When Sr Maria started to call on the Holy Spirit I saw people's faces light up and I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in that place. I went to rest for the night knowing that I was ready to give my life to the Lord.


On Sunday morning I was very happy to see the Bishop, my family, friends, and my Koinonia brothers and sisters all joyful and ready for the day ahead. When Mass started I was both happy and a little nervous at the same time but as I was professing my vows I knew I was doing the right thing. As I stood in front of everyone and signed it was like Jesus himself was standing close to me in my brother and sisters. At that moment I said to him in my heart "I am yours forever!"

Sr. Yadira

"I will be with you and your family forever!"

As you know on May 22/23rd in the city of Durban we all met together to pray and to ask for a new anointing of the Holy Spirit and celebrate my perpetual vows and those of Emmanuel and the first vows of Sr Bernadette. A few days before the celebration I experienced a strong joy, freedom, love, and hope in my heart. I knew that my parents and the rest of my family could not be physically present but I could feel that they were with me in my heart. There were times when sadness wanted to enter my heart but my heart was so filled with the joy of the Lord! The Lord also appeared in many ways through the love, friendship, and generosity of the community, On Saturday I experienced a very beautiful and warm welcome when I entered the hall and saw the incredible decorations and all the preparations that went into the celebration. What a joy to see all the beautiful family communities of Durban, Pretoria, Umzimkulu, and Lourdes Mission together as one body. That Saturday Fr Michal, Sr Weronika, Nesbert, and Sr Maria Grazia led us through a strong experience of the Holy Spirit for the whole day.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to no electricity. We decided to have our personal prayer first and then decide on the next steps. During my personal prayer, I had a beautiful experience of the Lord. I heard a strong voice inside say "I am the light of the world. Do not be afraid. Follow me. I will be with you and your family forever".


When I arrived at the meeting place I was ready to give myself to the Lord. During the ceremony, my heart jumped for joy and I experienced a sense of great peace. I could feel we were all united in one body, and not only those gathered physically in the hall but also all those who are part of my life- my parents, my brothers, friends, and relatives. All united in the Lord. So many special moments: walking towards the altar as the Lord's wife, seeing the community, my pastor, my consecrated sisters and brothers close to me, accompanying me, the beautiful presence of our Bishop Stanley, receiving the Canticle of canticles, dancing around the altar- all these moments were very special.


After the ceremony, we all moved down to the restaurant.  Everything was so beautifully prepared and we could share truly special moments together as a community of Koinonia. I am so thankful to the Lord for calling me to be part of Koinonia and so grateful to all those who made those moments so special.

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Sr. Bernadette

Jesus you are my everything!

Christ is Risen! When I first received the news that I was going to do my vows, I was so happy but after a few days I started to ask myself many questions- How exactly is this going to work? I am in a foreign country and due to added Covid restrictions, I knew that no member of my own family would be able to attend. 

I really did not expect the celebration that we had- a beautiful mass, the presence of our Bishop Stanley and of course good food, cakes and gifts as well. There was a beautiful sense of unity and collaboration between both consecrated and lay members of Koinonia from Pretoria, Durban, and Umzimkulu. I felt unity everywhere, in everything, and with everyone. From the start to finish I was feeling a great joy within me. I felt the presence of Jesus among us and the sadness  of the absence of my own family and all the worries I had were gone.


After coming home that night I was lying on my bed and remembering all the events of the day and I said to myself "Indeed I believe the words Jesus spoke in Luke 18: 29-30 'I assure you that everyone who leaves home, or wife, or brothers, or parents, or children for the sake of the Kingdom of God will receive much more.'" I said "Jesus you are my everything and in You I have found much more than anything I had before."