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Our Founder

Fr. Ricardo Argañaraz was born on 3rd July 1936, in the Argentinian city of Salta. Following a powerful conversion, in 1954 he entered the diocesan seminary. On 15th July 1962 he was ordained to the priesthood.

Following ordination he was sent for further studies in Philosophy and Canon Law at the pontifical universities in Rome, where he had the opportunity to be present for the opening of the Second Vatican Council. 


He graduated in philosophy and received his doctorate in Canon Law in 1969.

After two years of service in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State, he felt drawn to contemplative life.

As a consequence he co-founded a priestly fraternity with some other priests.

Father Ricardo
Father Ricardo with Elephant

During 1974 and 1975, Fr. Ricardo had various experiences of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, demonstrated with the manifestation of the charismatic gifts.

After two months of solitude on Mount Pasubio, he received the inspiration to give life to a new community.

On 19th September 1975, he visited Camparmò for the first time.

That uninhabited townland in the borough of the Pasubian Valley in Vicenza, would be the place where he would establish this new community.


After living alone for around three years, the community’s first vocations arrived. The first community nucleus took shape.

Over the years, this community would be the model for other foundations, first in Italy and then in various places around the world. 


In 1999, Fr. Ricardo withdrew from every role or position of governance within the community.

Father Ricardo in visit

to South Africa

28 April 2016

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