Lourdes Mission - "Rise again"

"The rebirth of the "Lourdes Mission” is not a mere desire to restore ruins from another “era” and neither is it motivated by a nostalgic, cultural spirit, but it comes from the determination to go to the roots of the local Christian faith so as to have an even deeper, universal reawakening. To return to our roots is the best testimony of our belief. To rebuild the “Lourdes Mission” is to begin a New Evangelization. It is not just about reconstructing buildings, but about a genuine and true evangelization, a rebirth of faith that drives us to revive something that in reality was never dead, but present in the hearts of the local people."

/Bp. Stanley Dziuba, Bishop of Umzimkulu/

Lourdes Mission - Cathedral church

On the vast territory of the Mission we also find primary and secondary schools in a very poor condition, lacking electricity and adequate infrastructures. There is an urgent need for reconstruction. Our wish is to provide not only an intellectual-spiritual help but also a material one, to renew the existing constructions and build new ones in order to give these students the possibility to study in the same conditions that other children usually can enjoy.

We would like to restore the parish hall in order to offer the school a big facility for their events.

On the other hand we project to build a library for the cultural development of the whole local community.

Lourdes Mission - today

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Postal Address:

PO. Box 593, 3297, Umzimkulu, KZN

South Africa


Physical Address:

Lourdes Mission, 3297 KZN,        Umzimkulu, South Africa


E-mail: koinoniafrica@gmail.com

Phone: +27 66 487 0849​