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HOPE(Houses of prayer)

After a little more than a month in Lourdes Mission, I am coming to an end of my time in South Africa.

Many are the experiences that I have lived in this amazing place full of human and spiritual stories that somehow are affecting me in a great way.

What I can see above all is that our Lord Jesus is at work in so many different projects carrying out by the sisters and brothers of the community!

But let me highlight “the houses of prayer” as one of the projects of Koinonia John the Baptism are taking into account as one of the most important priority as it reflects the core and essence of Koinonia itself.

Being able to take part of the prayers of a few houses of prayer has been something remarkable and priceless. Entering into the poor houses and being welcome with big smiles by so many children as well as grandmothers and mums is a unique experience that will remain forever in my heart.

In all these prayers one thing is common to all of them: they are being poor in knowledge and material but full of love and joy as well as dancing and singing to our Lord Jesus!! It is inside these houses and with humble and simple prayers that I see, feel and live my faith in its fullness.

Yet the material poorness may tend to give us another idea of what it is living our faith in real trust, the eyes and hands of so many children praying from the deep of their hearts give me the answer of our God in this time of need in the whole world.

I know for sure I will talk and testify about what I heard, lived and saw in the humble people of the villages next to Lourdes Mission because needless to say that when our Lord Jesus was born he did it in a place like the one I have been witness of and with the people Jesus always saw as one of His own.

Juan Ramon.

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