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Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Last Sunday 12th August some brothers and siters had the chance to prove that the basic needs of our children as well as some mothers were fulfilled.

It was at about 4 pm when Sister Krystyna and Brother Emmanuel helping in traslation that

introduced to more than sixty children the importance of oral hygiene and in a very practical way the children learnt how to brush their teeth and how often they must do it in order to

prevent oral and teeth deseases.

After the practical and visual teaching the

children were given one tooth brush each as well as some toothpaste for every family which the Polish fundation’Smile from Africa’ gave us to distribute among them.

When we finished with the distribution of the toothbrushes and toothpaste we began giving all the babies supplies, Chicco products donated by MSC Company, to all the mothers who gladly

received and thanked us for being here doing everything for them and their children.

And later on the children and mothers, carrying their babies on their backs, stayed in order to participate in the ‘House of Prayer’, a prayer with so much joy dancing, singing and giving thanks to our God for being always behind so many great people who feel they have to make a difference in the world by giving away and sharing what they are and have because they understad that there is more real joy in giving than in taking.

I want to give thanks to God for this opportunity to give myself to my brothers and sisters most in need.

John Raymond

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