“They were sleeping on the floor without sponges, then the project supported them with what they needed.” 


— Sr. Krystyna

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project

In Lourdes Mission

- South Africa -

We as 'Koinonia Orphans Project'

- Non-profit Organization (Registration number: 103-840-NPO)

are running a project for  OVC - Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Lourdes area (Umzimkhulu). Our project started in October 2015 with founder PEPFAR through SACBC (Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference).  So far there was no such project running in our area which is very big geographically as well and very poor and neglected with a high number of OVCs. The aforementioned area contains the highest number of people affected by HIV in Kwazulu Natal and Kwazulu Natal is the most affected region in South Africa. Our aim is to reach those children and their families with concrete help. In the meantime as part of the project we cater for 900 children and 360 adults.

Seeing the area and the conditions of most of the children we focused on those who come from the HIV positive families. Most of the children are orphans and vulnerable because of HIV and the circumstances or conditions of life, so we had to choose among those who are really in need of immediate help. However, there are many more than we can take care of.

As a project we can provide certain activities to support children. These include: HIV counselling and testing, HIV Education, TB Screening, BMI, Clinical nutrition for underweight children, Health Care Support, Psychological Care and Support, School Support (eg. uniforms, fees, after school programme), Shelter (temporary shelter, improvements), Household Economic Strengthening, Child Protection (Birth/ID Documents, Advocacy, Grant access).

On the 30th of September 2017, after two years of operating, we were forced to stop working  because the sponsor withdrew the funds. 

By the grace of God since October 2017 Koinonia Orphans Project restarted operating. The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) heard about the upcoming closing of the project and decided to support us. 

Your help as well will be greatly appreciated.

Koinonia Orphans Project Team and its beneficiaries

Some of our services – HIV Counselling and Testing

We managed to provide HIV testing for 777 children and 62 adults. 

Some of our services – Educational Support (school uniforms)

Up to now the project provided 880 school uniforms, 976 school shoes and 325 school bags.

Some of our services – Distribution of clothes

At the present moment we were able to distribute a numerous number of clothes

Some of our services – Distribution of porridge and food

As a project we have given our beneficiaries food and porridge, with a total of 900kgs of powdered milk and porridge in 15 months. A huge amount of food was given out to the needy.

Some of our services – Distribution of blankets and sponges

We provided 301 matrasses and 627 blankets.

Some of our services – Organizing cultural and sport’s day

Ever since we started we were able to organize 10 sport events and 2 cultural days.

Christmas Feast for Children – Jabuland

The children enjoyed very much a time of games and fun. Each one of the 2000 children received a gift. Many of them had a chance to receive their first gift in their lives. 

Some of our services – Site visits


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Postal Address:

PO. Box 593, 3297, Umzimkulu, KZN

South Africa


Physical Address:

Lourdes Mission, 3297 KZN,        Umzimkulu, South Africa


E-mail: koinoniafrica@gmail.com

Phone: +27 66 487 0849​